i’m taking a dsu 110:introduction to scrapping with adobe photoshop at digitalscrapbookplace.com. it’s a 4 week class with a new lesson introduced every week. along with the lessons, you get some cool, basic kits. right now, we’re on week 2 & so far it’s going really well. i’m learning new and better ways to use cs3 the way i want to use it for scrapbooking. emma powell is the instructor and she’s very good. the lessons are very detailed with lots of written, visual, and even video explanations. because i usually learn by reading instructions, i haven’t checked out the videos but i heard they were great.

here are my layouts from the class so far:

lesson one
credits: dsu intro kit vines

lesson two
credits: dsu intro kit braided edges

i’m really enjoying scrapping. i even brought an idea journal and i actually plan to alter the cover. woo hooo–something to look forward to perhaps lol